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Happy Sunday, everyone! Today I’m joining the lovely Savannah Jezowski in the blog tour for her upcoming novel The Witching Hour.

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Do you love cats? Do you enjoy frolicking fantasy, sweet romance, good versus evil, and stories with a good redemption angle? If so, you’re sure to fall in love with The Witching Hour, a fantasy with fairy tale themes and lots of giggles.

About the Book –

Part One: As shadows encroach on the city of Lite, one cat stands between humanity and the hounds of darkness. Romeo takes it upon himself to find a suitor for his human Isabel in order to save the city and sets his sights on the unlikeliest of candidates. Can true love really save the day?

Part Two: When Isabel disappears in the middle of the night, matters take a turn for the worst. Romeo finds himself trekking through the dangerous wildlands to rescue the young queen with a clownish wizard, a sassy she-cat, a pretty healer, and a mysterious solider. However, their only hope may be the very thing Romeo fears most. Can Romeo and his friends save the day before the shadows consume them?

The Witching Hour is a frolicking fantasy adventure with fairy tale themes and clean romance. Perfect for fans of Diana Wynne Jones and Lloyd Alexander.

Rated: PG for thematic elements and mild battle sequences

Savannah Jezowski lives in Amish country with her Knight in Shining Armor and a wee warrior princess. She is the founder of Dragonpen Designs and Dragonpen Press, which offers author services such as cover design, developmental edits, and interior formatting. Her debut novella “Wither” is featured in Five Enchanted Roses, an anthology of Beauty and the Beast, and is a prequel to The Neverway Chronicles, a Christian fantasy series filled with tragic heroes and the living dead. She is also the author of When Ravens Fall, a Norse Beauty and the Beast retelling. She is featured in several Fellowship of Fantasy anthologies, including Mythical Doorways, Tales of Ever After, and Paws, Claws, and Magic Tales. When she isn’t writing, Savannah likes to read books, watch BBC miniseries, and play with cover design. She also enjoys having tea with her imaginary friends.

Today I’ll be interviewing one of the characters from the book: Cyril the Wizard! Let’s get started!


(Nerdy Nummies fans, anyone? xD)

Tell us a little about yourself. What is your name and age, and what do you do for a living?

Hello there! My name is Cyril. I’m in my early twenties, and I am a wizard!

Where do you live? Recommend us something to do if we were to visit there.

I live in a city called Lite. Our world is a bit different than what you’re used to. Here, the cities are protected by magical lights powered by the king and queen. Without them, we’d be overrun by shadows and hounds of darkness. It’s a bleak world at times, but also filled with amazing people and creatures. We have magical cats. Did you know that?

No, I didn’t! *squees at kitty-cats*

Ahem. Tell us about a specialty food of your hometown.

We eat pretty much the same thing you do in your world, I think. I’m rather fond of bacon myself. Do you like bacon? I like mine burnt. Literally extra, extra crispy. I get that from my author. She likes to burn her bacon too.

Do you speak any languages aside from English? If so, what is a word in that language that can’t be translated into English without losing meaning?

I’m afraid I only speak English. Most of my studies at the Royal College related to magic and history. Because it isn’t safe to leave the city, we don’t travel often, which makes learning languages of little importance.

Tell us about a typical day in your life.

Oh, I get up before sunrise and eat in the wizards’ mess hall. Then I take my shift on the city wall, making sure the watchtower lights stay lit and unpleasant things like hounds and shadows stay OUT. After work, I like to play cards and snooze by the fire with my wizarding friends. On my days off I go visit my family. It’s always fun to see my brother Ives, even if he is a bit on the grouchy side most days.

Are you currently in love with anyone? Tell us about that special person. 😉

Well, there is this one girl. She’s a pretty red-head—a healer—and she’s a bit shy until you get to know her, but Rose has to be one of the most dutiful people I know. She takes her vows as a healer very seriously, even if it means putting herself in harm’s way. She also isn’t afraid to tell me when I’m wrong, which is kind of annoying but amazing at the same time.

What is your ultimate goal/what do you want most out of life? Do you think you’ll get it?

Honestly, I think I already have what I want most in life. Friends and family and a terrific occupation. If anything, I would love to see the shadows driven away completely so we don’t have to hide in our city anymore. It would make things a lot easier if we could expand, grow better crops, enjoy the sunshine.

Is there anything I should have asked that I haven’t already?

You didn’t ask about magical cats. Now, there’s a topic I can wax eloquent on.

You see, in Lite some of our cats aren’t just normal cats. They’re gifted much in the same way wizards are. Cats aren’t bound to protect the city, although many of them choose to. I know two magical cats personally. Rose, my special friend, has a cat called Pursy who helps with her duties as a healer. She’s a bit sassy and opinionated for my taste, but she’s terribly clever and handy to have around.

And then there’s Romeo. Ah, but a smugger and grumpier puss never walked the earth. He does have his good points though. He was clever enough to figure out that my brother Ives had a greater destiny than cleaning chimneys. Most people can’t see past his sooty face, but Romeo does. I rather enjoy picking on him—on the cat, I mean—but it’s fun to pick on Ives too.

Thank you so much to Cyril for joining us today!

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Oh, and did I mention there’s this awesome giveaway happening, too? ENTER IT NOW.

You can enter to win a FREE paperback of THE COMPLETE STORY, Parts One AND Two in one cute paperback. To enter, simply enter the rafflecopter giveaway. Winner will be chosen March 30th. This giveaway is US ONLY. Enter the Giveaway!

And thank you so much to Savannah for letting me be part of her blog tour today! I can’t wait to read The Witching Hour–that cover is gorgeous! 😍

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Make it a good week, everyone, and I’ll see you next Sunday!

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