As of June 2020, I am closed to book review requests for most of the summer. I will most likely be reopening come autumn, so please keep watch here–I will post another update when we reach August or thereabouts. This is so that I can catch up on my backlog, dive headfirst into the books I recently received for my birthday, and finish the novel that I’m currently writing.

If you would like for me to host another post of some sort, such as a cover reveal, a book feature, or an author interview, I would still be open to these, so do send me an inquiry and we can chat.

Looking for more reviews for your book?

Oh, reviews, where are you?

I can personally recommend The Naked Reviewers, of which I am a member. We accept books of all genres and lengths, and our basic service is completely free for authors. You simply send your book to our group, and then our members decide whether or not they want to read and review it. If at least two members volunteer to review it, then it is given a date for review on our blog.

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If this sounds like something you might benefit from, please visit our website at The Naked Reviewers (opens in a new window) and reach out to us!

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